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A woman holding a puppy

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Rescue

Adopting a dog is a wonderful, life-changing experience not just for you but for your new dog as well. Adopting a rescued dog or rescuing a dog can greatly help animal shelters and adoption centers.

Often, people rescue a dog, but they don’t account for the annual expenses they’d have to account for when they bring the dog into their home. This leads to people abandoning their pets. 25% of the pets in an animal shelter are there because their owners have abandoned them.

Here is your guide to rescuing a dog or adopting a rescue dog.

Creating a Safe Space

When you bring a rescue dog home, you have to ensure your home is a safe space for them. Make sure they are comfortable in the home. Your pet could experience trauma or stress, especially if they are constantly changing homes. To ease your dog’s anxieties, you have to pay extra attention to their environment.

Spend Time Before Adopting

If you’re going to be adopting a rescue dog, you have to spend time with them first. During this time, you can get to know your new rescue pet and establish a connection with them. This will help you in the long term. Ensuring you are a good match for your rescue pet is an essential step in the adoption process.

Take Time Off Work

When you bring home a rescue dog, you have to take some time off from your workplace. Avoid overcrowded dog parks or any other areas so your dog can adjust to the new home and their new owner first. Bond with your dog and spend time with them so they can adjust to this new environment.

Spending time indoors would mean they become familiar with the comfortable, designated areas for the dog in the house. If you want to introduce your family to your rescue dog, do it slowly and approach the dog only when the dog is ready.

A woman with her puppy

Safety Design

Your dog’s safety should be your priority. Ensure safety design and precautions in your house and nearby areas so your pet can live in a safe and secure environment. Avoid fancy accessories, decor, and furniture. Keep dangerous things out of the dog’s reach.

Be Willing to Learn

Taking care of a rescue dog is a learning process. You will learn, grow, and make memories with them. Avoid neglecting them and always make them feel loved. Your learning curve will be different from other dog owners, so don’t compare yourself with anyone.

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