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Adopting a Rescue Dog: The Ins and Outs and What to Expect

If you’ve decided to bring a rescue dog into your home, congrats! Adopting a rescue dog can be a little tough, but it’s also extremely rewarding. Dogs make great pets, and by adopting a rescue dog, you’re giving a new life to an animal that has experienced mistreatment and neglect in its life.

Here are some helpful tips for this transition period. For proper rehabilitation of your pet, here’s what you need to know.

Preparing Your Home

Make sure you puppy-proof or dog-proof the house, so it’s safe for them. If there’s anything that could harm your dog or would make your dog feel unsafe. You can remove any chemicals, wires, equipment, or even toys that could be dangerous for the dog.

If you have a garden, you can remove the plants that may endanger your dog. Cover all the gaps in your fences and keep all the equipment away from your dog’s reach. Your new dog will need a bed, bowls and food, a leash, a collar, a crate, and some toys.

Bringing Your Dog Home

You will have to take extra care of your dog during the first few weeks. They will need constant attention; through this, you can create a loving and safe space for your pet. You can establish certain routines and work on a bond so you’re prepared for the future.

The first day will be a first for you and your new dog. You have to bring them home in a safe transport vehicle. Keep things low-key for their first day, so they don’t feel overwhelmed. Ensure a calm environment so your dog can have some downtime.

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Begin Training

Training a new pup can be challenging. They have a lifetime of habits that you can’t change within a day. It will take time, patience, and a lot of toys and treats! Don’t expect your dog to be well-trained within a few weeks. First, you have to build a bond and trust with them.

Once your relationship has developed, they will start being obedient and will do things to please you. You can start with obedience training which includes sitting. Train your dogs in a safe area and keep the training sessions short. Never shout at your dogs.

Dealing with Harmful Behaviors

When your dog finally settles in, you might see a few destructive behaviors emerging. Such behaviors could stem from many things, including the dog’s past experiences. If they have to pee, take them outside the house or take them to the bathroom frequently.

Don’t get angry with your dog and scold them. For destructive behaviors like chewing, barking, and aggression, use positive redirections. Encourage their good behaviors with treats, and don’t punish your dogs.

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