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7 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best Pets

Around 69 million households in the US have a dog as their pet. This means that out of the 70% of households who own a pet, more than half of the households own dogs. From these stats, we can conclude that people love dogs a lot more than other animals. Why? Because dogs make amazing pets.

Let’s go over some reasons why dogs are the best pets.

They’re Very Friendly

Dogs are the most friendly and loving domestic animals. They are a man’s best friends because they are great companions and offer their friendship, love, and company to their owners. Dogs are loving animals, and they know when you need so they’re always there for you. They can be your playmate and confidant when you’re bored or lonely.

They’re Intelligent

How do dogs know you’re lonely? Because they are one of the most intelligent pets. Their sense of emotional understanding is better than most animals. This enables them to detect their owner’s feelings and emotions easily. They can sense different things, including their owner’s body language.

They’re Lovable Creatures

Dogs are incredibly lovable. They also reciprocate any love they receive. They are always happy to see their owners when they come back home. They express their happiness in different ways, like wagging their tail, licking their owner’s face, and cuddling with them.

Four different puppies

They are Helpful

They can help their owners with little chores and simple errands like finding, replacing, or moving something.

They Protect You

Dogs always protect their owners. They are one of the most protective pets; if they sense danger, they will immediately stand up for you and try to protect you from harm.

They’re Very Loyal

Dogs are pets you can always trust. They stand by their owner’s side and keep them company while protecting them from intruders. Even if your dog ever gets lost, they can track your smell and find their way back to you. They can detect the smell of their human companions.

They Help Disabled People

Dogs are perfect for disabled people. They provide companionship and offer emotional support. They help their human companions through physical growth as well as emotional development. They are also great for therapy because they assist those with visual, mobile, or hearing disabilities.

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