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Meet Richard Halliday

Richard Halliday’s book “Jasper the Wonder Dog” is a creative masterpiece. Halliday portrays a topic, that is often difficult for children to stomach in a light and playful way. Although bittersweet, the story is important. It is love and loss, and acceptance, and even birth and the afterlife, all through a dog’s eyes. Halliday’s B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing comes through in his words, time and again.

The author grips the subject matter by the horns. His fiction writing beautifully recreates the true story of a relationship between a dog and his family, an exchange of memories, purpose, and lessons that last a lifetime.

The author currently resides in Rancho Polos Verdes, CA, enjoying his retirement with his wife Sherrill, Bella the puppy, and Shadow the kitty.

What's inside the Book

  • 01

    The Beginning

    Jasper’s story begins in the middle of nowhere. As he comes to terms with the loss of a family, he makes many new friends!

  • 02

    A New Home

    Jasper gets comfortable in his rescue home as his friends look for a forever home for him. He has new adventures every day!

  • 03

    A Forever Home

    Jasper is adopted by a new family. He takes time to adjust but soon blends in. He enjoys his new home and his travel adventures.

  • 04

    Bye-Bye, Mom and Dad

    Jasper moves on to a new home in the clouds. It’s different there, in a good way! The tails keep wagging, and the adventures keep coming!

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Client Reviews

“Ultimately, Jasper the Wonder Dog is far more than a children’s book about loss. It encompasses not just Jasper’s passing, but also the happiness and love that he received thanks to his family.”

Book Trib

Book Lover

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading books about dogs or anyone who loves dogs.

JM Reviews

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